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July 22, 2009

Congress is throwing out money at a rate unforeseen and so fast that, even if they wanted to, Congress members couldn’t keep up with reading the bills they’re voting on. With the so-called stimulus bill currently showing its predictable effects (an unsustainable deficit; negative impact on consumer and business confidence; pathetic, pseudo-positive effects on the unproductive, bureaucracy-run parts of the economy), those who have voted for that wasteful piece of legislation, and, of course, the one who has signed it into life, should be ashamed of their brainless, risk-loving way of spending the American people’s money. But, instead, they actually allowed the consideration of a “second stimulus” to step into light, they plan to set up a cap-and-tax scheme to burden households as well as businesses, and are hell-bent to hasten the creation of a gargantuan, messy, and costly health care bill that is sure to have a large, negative impact on national debt and, not to mention, every American’s life.

Yet the President and his allies in Congress are publicly padding themselves on the back for “fiscal discipline” because of what? Because they have killed the $1.8 billion bon marché archetype of a “shovel-ready”, “job-creating” project, the type a government could easily pay for without having to explain itself: the F-22. Swords into plowshares? Not so much. Rather: swords and plowshares into government-sponsored abortions and half-time jobs for designing advertisements for stimulus-financed job application training (probably including special emphasis on core “American values” like bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia and hanging out with unrepentant domestic terrorists until running for president with the declared goal to “transform” America).

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