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Mob Rule Indeed

August 8, 2009

When the French Cowboy heard the “I don’t want the folks who created the mess do a lot of talking” quote on the Rush Limbaugh Show with only half an ear, he thought this must’ve been said years back or maybe during the presidential campaign on some issue where “folks” were easily identifiable as culprits in a political “mess”. It was the typical cocky talk of a politician not in charge himself who wants to gain cheap political points by acting as if he would’ve done everything better than those he’s calling out.

But back at my (awfully slow makeshift) computer I realised that this quote has actually been freshly produced by no other than the President of the United States of America. Apparently, Obama was talking about the deficit when he came up with that sentence. So you would have to assume that the “folks” with whom Obama is so angry for creating “the mess” are President Bush and his team. I didn’t hear a lot from former President Bush since Obama took over the White House (which I personally find unfortunate). The former White House staff? They’re certainly not standing in the way of The Almighty Obama either. Or did Cheney complain about Obama’s gazillion dollar spending programmes? Does Cheney count as “folks”?

So who else could “the folks” be who are standing in the way and talk a lot? The usual suspects are, of course, Republicans in general. The President of the United States basically telling half of the members of the political system to shut up and get out of the way while he’s “transforming America” is something that should make a cold shiver run down your spine. Beyond that, you can’t help but think that Obama also had in mind the “folks” protesting his frankly scary health care overhaul. After all, this is what the nation is concerned with primarily at the moment and it’s clear that the Obama White House is not pleased with “folks” signaling their opposition to Obama’s plans, even if they are private citizens, you know, the kind for whom he’s actually supposed to work.

The French Cowboy is surprised that the White House strategy seems to be to hold on to power through stubbornly going ahead with their plans like bulldozers, counting on enough wide-eyed Obama fans to stick with them while alienating independents and confirming every bad gut feeling conservatives had about Obama during the campaign. The problem with Obama is that he doesn’t want to govern the United States of America. What he wants is to create Obamutopia. And he doesn’t seem to care about the opinion of Americans, he just wants to have his own ideas realised. If Obama thinks that his ideas are what the majority of Americans are favouring then he darn sure didn’t get out of his liberal echo chamber often enough.

A final note about the Democratic Party shouting bloody murder in reaction to the peaceful, lawful protests of citizens worried that their health care plans are getting messed up: The DNC complains about “mob rule” and they’re right on target. Only that “the mob” is in the White House, headed by their Community-Organiser-in-Chief, and with their tentacles spreading throughout the nation in form of thuggish unions and astroturfing organisations (of which Axelrod could tell you a lot more than you want to know).

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