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The President Who Cried Wolf

August 12, 2009

Just when you thought that the President has stooped so low in his continuous campaign for a job he already has, that even his bow to the Saudi king has become a triviality in comparison, Obama manages to descend one level further. Now, in what must be the fruit of growing fear that his signature health care bill will fail, the President is slandering a Republican Senator:

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), didn’t appreciate President Obama’s shout-out at the New Hampshire town hall meeting this afternoon.

Obama said that the voluntary end-of-life counseling in one version of the bill had a Republican sponsor — and he mentioned Isakson by name.

And that set off the senator from Georgia.

“Isakson vehemently opposes the House and Senate health care bills, and he played no role in drafting language added to the House bill by House Democrats calling for the government to incentivize doctors by offering them money to conduct end-of-life counseling,” Isakson’s office said in a statement.

“This is what happens when the President and members of Congress don’t read the bills,” Isakson said in a statement.

The French Cowboy thinks that Obama is losing popularity because he doesn’t deliver on what he has promised during the campaign. I’m not talking about the free unicorns and the rainbow rides for everyone. The majority of voters was pretty aware that such promises were just hop’n’changey ear candy. But the parts about bipartisanship, a new culture of honesty and transparency in Washington etc were what attracted many of the less naïve. Why shouldn’t a young Senator, as a relative newcomer to the political game, be energised and willing to actually reform the bad habits of which voters had become so weary.

But with every passing day that Obama is in the White House there is new evidence that the most attractive parts of his candidacy died during the transition period. The guy who ended up as president is losing his hop’n’changey charm less to the difficult economic situation or even his not working miracles on it, but to the public realising that he is treating political opponents with contempt, be they politicians or simple constituents. Not only does he dismiss criticism, and often even expressed worry, as illegitimate, he also refuses to deliver facts and details when they are likely to make his sale harder. The former tactic may be excused in cases in which useless political bickering has to be minimised, but the latter is a disservice to the American people whom he’s supposed to serve. And now, Obama even claims support of one of his unpopular policy proposals from a specific Republican without it being the truth. This shows disrespect to both politicians and voters.

Obama may have “a gift“, as he put it, in being able to talk smoothly. But it won’t help him when everyone has learned that whenever he speaks  he’s lying through his teeth, be it with or without a teleprompter.

At the end of this tirade, let the French Cowboy add this: it is quite likely that President Obama in making this statement about Senator Isakson’s sponsoring that amendment made an honest mistake. But the above-said still holds true. Obama may be talented in wielding words, yet he clearly isn’t very much bothered with communicating in a way that minimises the possibility of misunderstandings or the spreading of less than truthful information. You can get away with that as a political candidate, in fact and very sadly, to a certain degree you may have to be ‘industriously sloppy’  in that regard in order to win the election. But as the elected Whateveritis such an  attitude is irresponsible and disrespective of the position held. So the French Cowboy respectfully suggests that the President do two things:

1. Lessen the amount of public talking he does, as where there is a lot of talk there’s also a lot of nonsense, and talking isn’t the foremost presidential duty.

2. Have his staff brief him more properly and have them double-check information before it gets spread as fact.

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