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Obama Now Chávez’ Useful Idiot

September 4, 2009

In keeping with his short but consistent history of foreign policy, Obama is siding with the wrong guys in Hondurans’ efforts to keep their overzealous former president from turning their democratic country into a copy of Venezuela:

The most recent example of the Obama-style Good Neighbor Policy was the announcement last week that visa services for Hondurans are suspended indefinitely, and that some $135 million in bilateral aid might be cut. But these are only the public examples of its hardball tactics. Much nastier stuff is going on behind the scenes, practiced by a presidency that once promised the American people greater transparency and a less interventionist foreign policy.


Prominent Hondurans, including leading members of the business community, complain that a State Department official has been pressuring them to push the interim government to accept the return of Mr. Zelaya to power.

When I asked the State Department whether it was employing such dirty tricks a spokeswoman would only say the U.S. has been “encouraging all members of civil society to support the San Jose ‘accord'”—which calls for Mr. Zelaya to be restored to power. Perhaps something was lost in the translation but threats to use U.S. power against a small, poor nation hardly qualify as encouragement.

Elsewhere in the region there are reports that U.S. officials have been calling Latin governments to demand that they support the U.S. position. When I asked State whether that was true, a spokeswoman would not answer the question. She would only say that the U.S. is “cooperating with the [Organization of American States] and [Costa Rican President] Oscar Arias to support the San José accord.”

In other words, though it won’t admit to coercion, it is fully engaged in arm-twisting at the OAS in order to advance its agenda.

It is important to note that Honduras is following its own constitution by denying Monsieur Zelaya a return to his office after he has tried to keep it for a second term. Why is President “Let’s not appear to meddle” Obama not respecting this? He must be too eager to please his new pal Hugo Chávez who is strongly interested in having his ally Zelaya reinstated to advance his “Bolivarian revolution”. It is inexplicable to the French Cowboy how the President of the United States can be so obviously and actively working against the interest of his own country.

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