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MSM Daydreaming at the Switch

September 7, 2009

Usually, the people working in the mainstream media like to make their trade the main topic of the news cycle. So a cynic might ask why they don’t seize the opportunity now to print headlines like ‘Communist Green Jobs Czar Hired And Fired By WH – MSM Notices After The Fact’ or to run TV specials entitled ‘Obamaboozled – How the most transparent administration ever managed to keep a communist truther czar a secret from professional journalists’. But that question would only be asked, of course, to highlight how embarrassingly biased and unreliable the mainstream media has become.

There’s a lot to learn from the Van Jones story. Primo, with a love-sick media, this White House can, and actually did, take advantage of the fact that ‘czars’ don’t have to be vetted by Congress and give a lot of power to a lot of people who would never have passed the public test. So, somebody should better take a look at the other aristocrats in the White House. Secundo, Obama’s social network has followed him into the White House. Elsewhere the French Cowboy wrote that “it is not really a surprise that Jeremiah Wright won’t be Secretary of State and William Ayers Secretary of Homeland Security.” And indeed it isn’t. Those two characters have been weighed by the American people and found wanting. As for Van Jones, while he is a different Name and a different face, he represents the same kind of anti-American views that do Ayers and Wright. Perfect for Obama’s Russian cabinet. Tertio, the mainstream media are cherry-picking their news stories and do so as if they were paid by the White House. It is beyond parody how news outlets have been mute on Jones while conservative bloggers and the healthily paranoid Glenn Beck digged out enough controversial information on Jones to fire three czars. And now that Jones had to leave, the common story is ‘he said unfriendly things about Republicans’. Hah! If that were the standard the White House would be empty except maybe for Obama’s dog. (And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any Republicans would pass that test either.)

Personally, the French Cowboy finds Jones curiously sympathetic. His political views are on the polar opposite to mine, all right. But, contrary to certain others of Obama’s acquaintances, he neither tried to kill anyone, nor does he claim to be a man of God. And in comparison to Obama himself, Jones seems to have a lot more spine and spunk. Besides, he’s more photogenic and that has never really hurt a public figure. In that sense we’re lucky that Jones didn’t become the president. He might have succeeded better at “transforming America” into the land of the red-taped and the home of the nanny-state-pampered. For Jones, there’s hope for change outside of the Obama administration.

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