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The Ignoble Prize

October 10, 2009

The French Cowboy is not impressed by Obama’s having received the Nobel Prize for peace. For one thing, if the people on that committee had half a brain they wouldn’t have given it to a person whose policies don’t promote peace, but the reign of terror (think the Obama administration’s one-sided concessions towards Iran, Burma, China, Russia, etc) and for the other, the prize has been given to undeserving individuals before, so you can ask yourself how much of an honour it is to be in such company. The addition of Obama isn’t going to elevate the average, though.

So what does the prize mean for Afghanistan? If anything, then it will embolden Obama to make the wrong decision and to send too few troops there. Imagine what this prize must do to Obama’s already inflated ego. He must feel confirmed in all his wrong notions. Bon travail, Nobel committee.

Oh, why couldn’t Obama just become the UN’s general secretary? That would have been a job much more suitable for him than his current one and doomsday would be still a couple of years further in the future.

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