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Who Are These People?

November 19, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder claims that a conviction of KSM is guaranteed. If that is so then what’s the point of ‘demonstrating to the world’ how the US civilian courts deal with terrorists? All that ‘the world’ gets to see is a trial in a judiciary system that is allegedly fair, yet the AG is saying that, in fact, the final judgement is predetermined and proudly proclaims that even if KSM doesn’t get convicted, he won’t get freed anyway. So the lesson to ‘the world’  is that in the US court system the fix is in?

Doesn’t Holder see the contradiction in claiming on the one hand that there’s a super-fair US civilian trial for an illegal combatant taking place and that on the other hand, no matter the outcome of the trial, the accused will get punished?

Well, he wouldn’t be the first of the Obama people to show a shocking lack of understanding the simplest principles of a free nation. Obama’s WH press secretary whines about tea parties, his director of press advance finds “amazing […] similarities” between a ‘town-hall meeting’ in Shanghai with students who had been under seclusion and ‘preparation’ prior to the event and “hundreds of events held all over the United States during the campaign.”, and his former communications director Anita Dunn evokes Mao as one of her “favourite political philosopher” in front of a high school graduation class.

You really have to wonder who these people Obama’s selected are. If they can’t see the difference between a terrorist and a criminal, a fair trial and one in which the fix is in, or between a town-hall event in Kansas and a town-hall event in communist China, or between Mao Zedong and Mother Theresa, then you have to wonder.

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