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ObamaCare – Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

December 6, 2009

When will Obama argue that his health care plan is going to win the war in Afghanistan, too?

“What has happened is a lot of the debate in Washington has been around health care, so people think, well, I guess they must not be working on jobs,” Obama said Friday in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “No, we’ve been working on jobs the whole time. Health care is part and parcel with where we need to take our economy.”

Obama argued that insurance premiums are taking a greater and greater toll on small businesses, so therefore, “Us being able to control health care costs and giving small businesses the opportunity to pool with other small businesses and individuals around the country so that they have the same kind of leverage with insurance companies that the big guys have — that’s an economic plan. That’s part of our jobs growth.”

If that is so then the economy would do better if Obama spent more time golfing instead of working on his ‘jobs plan’.

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