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Stimulus 2.0

December 8, 2009

Obama’s approval ratings won’t get any better if he will seriously try to pass a second “stimulus”, let alone if he succeeds passing one. Most Americans don’t like the first “stimulus” and nobody will be so blind as not to see that his new economic proposals are nothing but a smaller copy of the epically successful “Recovery and Reinvestment Act”. It makes me think of a line from a song of the (very European) band Vaya Con Dios that went “They say you learn from your mistakes. It’s a lie.”

When talk of a second so-called stimulus came up shortly after the first had been passed, the French Cowboy didn’t think anybody can take the idea seriously (apart maybe Paul Krugman). Even then it was clear that the public had no appetite whatsoever for another pricey “New Deal” type of experiment. But now Obama is asking for just that. And this is less than a week after the Commander-in-Chief basically said that he’ll cancel the entire Afghanistan war thing if it gets too expensive in weighted dollar terms. (“Weighted” because in the Obama universe a dollar spent on a war just costs so much more than a dollar spent on wheatherising a public dog park.)

It appears that spending future generations’ money on massive expansions of government is the one thing Obama is hellbent to do even if polls suggest that it will destroy him politically. Does this mean that destroying the US economy and putting the nation on a political path that must make the Founding Fathers turn over in their graves is something Obama finds more important than himself? It’s either that or he’s living in a bubble that is more of an illusion than the one of the housing market was.

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