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Not Just Evil Also Wrong

December 12, 2009

This is what a press conference looks like in our Green New World (with Video):

McAleer, a veteran journalist and film maker, has recently made a documentary “Not Evil Just Wrong’ which takes a sceptical look at the science and politics behind Global Warming concerns.

He asked Professor Schneider about his opinions on Climategate – where leaked emails have revealed that a senior British professor deleted data and encouraged colleagues to do likewise if it contradicted their belief in Global Warming.

Professor Phil Jones, the head of Britain’s Climate Research Unit, has temporarily stood down pending an investigation into the scandal.

Professor Schneider, who is a senior member of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said he would not comment on emails that may have been incomplete or edited.

During some testy exchanges with McAleer, UN officials and Professor Schneider’s assistants twice tried to cut short McAleer’s question.

However as the press conference drew to a close Professor Schneider’s assistant called armed UN security guards to the room. They held McAleer and aggressively ordered cameraman Ian Foster to stop filming. The guard threatened to take away the camera and expel the film crew from the conference if they did not obey his instructions to stop filming Professor Schneider.

The guard demanded to look at the film crews press credentials and refused to allow them to film until Professor Schneider left the room.

Take that, McAleer, and all you other Deniers! You are lucky you got away like this. Next time we’ll have to send you to a reeducation camp where you will learn the atrociousness of your blasphemy through growing organic cabbage for polar bears and filling Al Gore’s private stock of incandescent light bulbs, all with your bare hands as your only tools! And if that doesn’t help the Planetary Agency for Environmental Salvation might well decide that your carbon output is too high in real values (meaning compared to your societal worth) and dispose of you in an environmentally sound way.

H/T Ian Murray

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