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Sundry and Varied Reasons to Kill the Bill, Part MDCLIII

December 23, 2009

As more and more details come to light about the horrible health care bill Democrats are trying to force on Americans before they can say “Death Panel”, the proposal looks worse by the minute.  Hans A. von Spakovsky highlights the fact that the Senate and House bills are highly discriminating against everyone who is not on the Democrats’ list of to-be-patronised victims. They are so eager to further only minority groups that at your next visit to the hospital you might be more likely to be treated by a taoist homosexual Hispanic woman than by a white man. Why is that a problem, you ask? Because a bad selection process yields bad end results:

Take Reid’s bill. It directs the secretary of health and human services to award federal grants worth billions of dollars to educational institutions that train medical-service providers. However, “priority” for federal dollars is to be given only to those institutions offering “preferential” admissions to underrepresented minorities (according to race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and religion, depending on which section of the bill you look at). Thus, schools will be unable to compete for essential federal funding unless they adopt admission policies that intentionally and deliberately discriminate. It guarantees the institution of racist and sexist quotas sanctioned and encouraged by the federal government in what Linda Chavez of the Center for Equal Opportunity correctly calls “a new racial spoils system.”

The bill also declares that institutions training social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral pediatricians, psychiatric nurses, and counselors will be ineligible for federal grants unless they discriminate. According to Section 756, these programs must enroll “individuals and groups from different racial, ethnic, cultural, geographic, religious, linguistic, and class backgrounds, and different genders and sexual orientations” and demonstrate “knowledge and understanding of the concerns of the[se] individuals and groups.” If the schools fail to abide by these requirements, they will be liable for “liquidated damages.”

The Senate bill even creates a federally funded and administered medical school called the United States Public Health Services Track to “grant appropriate advanced degrees.” [*] Priority in admissions is to be given to “students from rural communities and underrepresented minorities.” (“Underrepresented minorities” is liberal code for “Asians need not apply.”)

The French Cowboy finds it hard to imagine that anybody would disagree that medical professionals should be evaluated by their performance, not by their relative minority status. What the discriminating language in those bills will effect is exchanging good people for less good people simply because from the liberals’ world view the good people are illegitimately doing well. The consequence of this perverted selection process is that the average quality of medical treatment will be lowered because personnel will no longer be chosen for competence but for sundry and varied other reasons. But as a recompense you will be able to claim that hospital staffs will be sundry and varied, too, regarding their “racial, ethnic, cultural, geographic, religious, linguistic, and class backgrounds, and […] genders and sexual orientations” – yay!

As Spakovsky explains, disparities between the quality of care for different ethnic groups does not stem from a lack of “understanding the concerns” of the respective groups as suggested by the bill’s text. They are explained by the differences in doctor choice and minorities’ disproportionate dependence on the Medicaid programme. In other words: bad doctors and a bad public health care system are to be faulted. So from that perspective Democrats can be proud of themselves: they will achieve the goal of leveling that difference. Only that, through kneecapping a merits-based selection system and enrolling all Americans into something equivalent to Medicaid, they achieve it by diminishing quality of care for everybody.

* A public medical school! Who knew? Just what the country needs and right now!

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