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Massachusetts ex Machina?

January 1, 2010

Especially after Ted Kennedy’s shameless actions to repeatedly adapt the law about Senate appointments to be politically opportune for him (and the last time in order to prevent just that), it would be sweet irony if the horrible health care bill concocted by congressional Democrats were to be stopped by his successor in the Senate (emphasis original):

The case for a Brown upset can be summed up as follows: A January 19th special election would likely skew the turnout universe more Republican than it ever would be in the Bay State. The race has received comparably little attention, so turnout is likely to be low, and a minor surge in Republican turnout could go a long way.

Then there’s the enthusiasm gap: we’re already seeing Republicans far more likely to vote in 2010, even beyond the waning of the Obama-only 2008 young voter base. Republican enthusiasm is white hot right now, possibly hotter than it will be in November 2010, because of health care.

And here’s where the mammoth significance of playing in MA-SEN comes into the discussion: if Brown wins, Obamacare is dead. 60 becomes 59. Because Democrats will have lost the Liberal Lion’s seat, whose photo stands in the Democratic Cloakroom with the words “Let’s get this done.” Any chance we have to take out the Obamacare abomination, however remote, is a fight worth fighting. The Senate is currently scheduled to come back into session on January 19th, the day of the Massachusetts special election. Harry Reid could move this up if it looked like Brown could win, but he’d have to get a conference done, pass it through the House, and then get it through the Senate. Not likely. And not before Republicans would scream bloody murder.

H/T Matthew Continetti

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