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Mass.ive Attack

January 19, 2010

Who would’ve thought that just a year into the era of Hop’n’Change the voters of (at least formerly) bluest blue Massachusetts would be enthusiastic about giving “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” to a genuine Republican? The French Cowboy thinks that even if (and that’s now a big if) Scott Brown does not win this election, the meaning of this contest is undeniably bad news for Obama and congressional Democrats.

Of course, this election is in large part a referendum on the current plans to change health care. But does that mean that should Martha “Marcia” “Another Yankee Fan” “You Probably Shouldn’t Work In The ER” Coakley win today, Democrats can go ahead with their horrific health care plans? I think not. With about half of Massachusetts’ electorate rooting for the guy who is openly running against the health care bill, even the tin-eared Obama White House must be finally getting the fact that their health care overhaul stinks. And if Monsieur Brown wins the election any tactic Democrats will try to hinder his ‘No’ vote on the bill from counting will be a shot in their own foot.

But even beyond the implications for the health care bills, the popularity of the conservative candidate in this race bears an inconvenient message for Monsieur Obama and his party: Americans don’t like lefty politics. After all, it’s not as if Monsieur Brown held policy views identical to those of Madame Coakley except for his plans to vote against ObamaCare. Granted, Coakley has been running a bad campaign and she isn’t very – comment dire – inspiring as a candidate, but don’t you think that true believers would vote for her regardless, just to further the vision of the Reid-Pelosi-Obama (RPO) America? Of course they would. Turns out that there aren’t many true believers. In fact, it turns out that there are many who believe stopping the RPO agenda is worth getting all excited about a guy who (quelle horreur!) drives a truck. No wonder Monsieur Kerry is wetting his pants over this. The rest of the Democrats should too. (Symbolically speaking, of course.)

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