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Talk to the Hand [Updated]

February 8, 2010

Madame Palin has that je ne sais quoi that drives both the Right and the Left wild, but in quite opposite ways, so to speak: Sarah Palin has a positive effect on the Right, which gets enthusiastic and encouraged by her, but she has a very harmful effect on the Left, which in reaction to Palin predictably falls into such fits of lunacy that they hurt themselves. It’s really quite entertaining to watch how every move by the former Governor of Alaska triggers the imagination of leftwing wackos who come up with criticism against her so colourful and unrelated to reality that it makes you sad to think that all such imaginative powers aren’t used for more productive ends, like, say, a fantasy movie (another Avatar?).

You can argue about how imaginative is the latest criticism* against Mme Palin of her scribbling notes into her palm. After all, we’ve been at “Her son isn’t really her son!” and “She wants Alaska to secede!” and all we get after a powerful speech at the Tea Party convention is a fact-abiding “She writes notes into her palm!”, that is quite a steep fall. But, imaginative or not, it is entertaining. It also signals that the poor Palin allergics are running out of symptoms. Maybe the new message will help ease their suffering?

*(By the way, I love the suggestion given in this post that the illegible word on her hand probably reads “Corpsman“. Although, I actually think it was the name of that person Palin tells everyone about who insisted on being buried in a “Sarah Palin” T-Shirt.)


Speaking of liberals who hurt themselves going crazy about non-issues, this is a Palin-unrelated but otherwise perfect example. A super-shy pro-life ad is a “celebration of the violence against women”? Ouch, that NOW president didn’t just bite her tongue or break a fingernail, this self-inflicted wound is more in the van Gogh category of cutting off one’s own ear!

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