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Simplifying Radicals

February 14, 2010

On Thursday, Robert Gibbs got grilled on MSNBC on the Obama administration’s handling of terrorists. Leaving the discussion of the factual flaws of what Monsieur Gibbs said in the administration’s defence to wiser people like Thomas Joscelyn, the French Cowboy finds it noteworthy how Gibbs is trying to depict the issue as too hard for Americans in general to understand.

“You are greatly oversimplifying the process”, Gibbs tells Mme Guthrie. “Let’s not oversimplify this”, he admonishes the hosts a little later. And finally Gibbs opines that “this is a very complex issue, a difficult one for the American people to weigh through.” Bien sûr. In other words, the question of how to treat captured terrorists – waterboard them, mirandarise them, or anything in between – is very similar to health care reform, economic policy and foreign affairs: it’s “very complex” and the American people (that’s you) are having a hard time to “weigh through” all of this. And this is why such things are better left to the experts! So if you find yourself wondering what the blazes those “experts” are doing then you are worrying your non-expert head about something you cannot and need not understand, and you will just have to be patient and trust the good people of the Obama administration to do what is right and ultimately best for you.

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