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Obama Throws Like a Girl

April 6, 2010

The French Cowboy found two interesting theses concerning Obama. One is quite daring: that Obama is actually a bad basketball player. You might say: “Well, of course Obama is a good basketball player! He talks about it all the time, we watch him play all the time, and he even had his own basketball court made at the White House!” But hold on. Read the hard questions asked by Jeffrey Anderson and then reconsider. The experience should be thought-provoking enough to at least want you to watch Obama play an actual, competitive game. You know, just to make sure.

The second thesis is of the kind that will never be fully proven nor fully refuted. It states that Obama, as well as many of his more important staff,  fake manliness. Some will immediately agree and others will instinctively reject this notion. For the latter group, here is some food for thought:

[…] I know every team that Obama follows in all of his favorite sports. I can tell you how his final four brackets looked the past two years. I know that he enjoys golfing much more than Bush and plays basketball on a regular basis with other guys (and only guys!) within the administration and Congress. Thus, he trots out there for his first pitch and engages in silly theatrics. He even brought his own props! (Oh and look, it is that same Chicago White Sox gag he did last time.) Then Obama throws a horrible pitch, laughs and almost makes a little-girl-like “oops” gesture with his hand over mouth.

All of this is accentuated by his staff. I know that Gibbs is from Auburn and was disappointed last year when they didn’t make to the tournament and tweeted about his love for Auburn the day Alabama visited the White House. I know that Rahm Emanuel does stereotypical things like yell at people while naked in Congressional gym showers, sends dead fish to political enemies, and spent an evening after an election victory on top of a table shouting a list of people (mostly men) he was going “f***.” Don’t forget my favorite, what is the best way to resolve a manly dispute? Why, over a beer in the Rose Garden!

I agree about Obama and Gibbs. It really looks like they each know that they lack a certain instinct for all things “real man” and – probably assuming that it would hurt their popularity if left undone – they try to make up this lack by over-emphasising their love for sports, beer and other “typically manly” things. Rahm Emanuel is a bit different: instead of promoting sports teams he engages in borderline psychotic, aggressive behaviour. Maybe he thinks it’s a suitable compensation for his ballet classes.

Fortunately, how manly you are, how well you play basketball or how you throw a baseball doesn’t say a lot about how well you’re suited to be President of the United States. Then again, that’s a thesis that has yet to be fully refuted.


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