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You Can Lead a Horse to the Water – and Then It Better Drink!

May 19, 2010

The Obama administration’s Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, thinks you’re too stupid to form your own opinion — probably because it isn’t his. So he’s slowly preparing you and the rest of the benighted masses of society to get ready for mandatory information “diversity” in the Internet. You know, for instance, the kind where you own a website about the creepiness of the Obama administration and you’re forced to put up links to websites that shill for the selfsame administration.

People like Sunstein must be considering behavioral economics as a gift from gaya. It allows them not only to define what’s “good” and what isn’t, it also gives them super-scientific rationales as justifications to make you do what’s “good” for you in their opinion. Because, you see, they have studied psychology and read the results of experiments in which 126 college freshmen (and freshwomen!) have made choices in artificial settings concerning small amounts of money and so they know now what you don’t know which is that you’re a bad decision maker. But because they know and you don’t means that they can fix you.

Don’t worry, they won’t do that ham-handedly like some fascist dictator or something. They’re scientists, Harvard grads, scholars — they know what they’re doing and it’s all for your best. Even if you don’t understand that. So in order to keep you from making bad decisions they won’t force you to make choices you don’t want to make. They’ll just put you into an environment in which you will feel compelled to make the right choices, all in your own free will!

For instance, if you’re inclined to do A and not B, but the smart people know that B is much better for you than A, then, instead of pointing a gun at you and telling you to do B instead of A, they’ll sharpen the upper part of the B so that it looks a little more pointed, and they’ll make a small cut in the bottom bar. And they’ll knit together the 2 feet of the A and give it a light pat with the hammer on its head. And then they’ll put the B in the front and the A in the back. And then you’ll realise that, actually, B doesn’t look so bad after all and you choose B over A.

Should this fail, there’s still the gunpoint option, of course.

Ah, it’s so good to know that there are benevolent, smart people out there who manipulate you into doing what’s good for you and even go through lengths to make it not too obvious in order to keep your self-esteem in tact.


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