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Greene But Not a Plant

June 17, 2010

Currently unemployed military veteran Alvin Greene is the most curious candidate for Senate the French Cowboy has ever seen. Apparently, he did little more than pay the 10k or so filing fee for the Democratic primary in South Carolina and then won the election with 59% of the votes. If you saw him in one of the interviews he gave after he had won, you begin to think that it’s no wonder he didn’t do any campaigning, as it would most likely have hurt his chances for winning.

I doubt very much that Greene’s a plant, Republican or otherwise, as some say, or that something was wrong with the electronic voting machines. I don’t even think that Greene’s name being listed first on the ballot was a decisive factor. The French Cowboy thinks that the conspiracy theories that are mushrooming since Greene’s nomination forget about an important player in politics: the rationally uninformed voter. Voters simply had no clue about Greene’s identity and voted for him because 1) they knew that their individual vote was very unlikely to influence the result of the election and 2) they found his name sounded good. Maybe they also 3) knew a little about Greene’s well-funded and actively campaigning opponent Rawls and didn’t like him.

This is what Time magazine writes about how Greene looks at the situation:

Suddenly, the television flashes Greene’s face, as a Fox News announcer teases an upcoming segment asking about the newbie’s “mental state.” This gets to Greene, who is tired of being treated by the press like a carnival act. “What about everyone else’s mental state?” he asks, before breaking into a chuckle. “It seems like things don’t apply to me. I’m the nominee, and 60 percent isn’t 60 percent anymore.”

What about everyone else’s mental state, indeed. It’s not as if Greene would be the first member of Congress with a questionable mental state. The Democratic party should give Greene a chance. Aren’t they all about diversity and such? An African American vet with a modest lifestyle who cares for his sickly father–that story should garner some votes. And, who knows, voters might find Greene to be a refreshing alternative to your typical political candidate who is trained to say things he doesn’t mean, act as if he cared for what he doesn’t care for, and who tries to make his personal life look so flawless that you know it must be fake. Greene sets an end to politics as usual!

The French Cowboy sure is looking forward to Greene debating DeMint.

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