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Palin for RNC Chairman

July 4, 2010

Michael Steele is a well-meaning person and he has a strong, colourful personality. But his chairmanship of the RNC has been gaffe-prone from the beginning and his recent comments on Afghanistan being “a war of Obama’s choosing” and that “the one thing you don’t do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan” deservedly have triggered calls for his resignation.

More than seeing Monsieur Steele gone, the French Cowboy would like to see someone more suitable in his current position. What are the most important responsibilities of the head of the RNC? He or she should be good at raising money. I could stop here, but I will also mention that the chairman should be a spokesperson for the Republican party to a certain degree. Implying that the war in Afghanistan is a lost cause is something you can get away with if you’re just any GOP member. But it’s too much out of synch with the Republicans in general to be okay for the party chairman to utter.

So which conservative is a crowd-drawer who could raise tons of money and who unflinchingly stands for core Republican values? A certain former governor of Alaska comes to mind. The French Cowboy endorses Sarah Palin for chairman of the RNC! She’s a brilliant speaker, smart and likable. The only things controversial about her are in liberals’ minds: She was once a mayor — hilarious! She has five children — shocker! She likes hunting — outrageous!

If Sarah Palin becomes chairman of the RNC liberals can once again pour their energy into making up stories about her in an attempt to destroy her. Meanwhile, Americans with a brain will go on with their lives and come to realise that the Left is too hysterical to be trusted with government. Also, they won’t feel particularly drawn to a party that thinks that Palin is worthy of  endless ridicule. More voters feel akin to Sarah Palin than to the arugula-chewing haiku lovers who slander her.

With her experience and talents Madame Palin certainly is up to to the task. The party base loves her, she’s experienced in public speaking and commenting, and after having been a state govenor running the RNC will be child’s play to her. She already is getting everyone’s attention when making her opinions public. Whenever she posts a note on her facebook page conservatives nod if they don’t applaud. She’s been a more reliable mouthpiece for conservatives than Monsieur Steele already. So let’s give her the job.

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