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What’s Wrong with a Hardhat and a Hammer, Obama?

July 15, 2010

In an effort to help Harry Reid keep his Senate seat, Obama is doing what he does best (or, at least, what he does with a passion): hit the campaign trail and disparage political opponents. In the case of Nevada the Nemesis is Sharron Angle, of course. And she’s a conservative, all right. It seems Obama doesn’t even have to widely exaggerate Angle’s policies to turn her into the biggest bugaboo for the Left since Sarah Palin, as Stephen Moore reports about Obama’s fundraiser for Reid:

Ms. Angle, [Obama] guffawed, “is even more extreme in her views than the Republicans in Washington. And that’s pretty extreme.” The limousine liberals in the audience roared with laughter. The President went through the litany of attacks: Sharron Angle wants to privatize education and Social Security. She wants to take away Medicare from needy seniors. She wants to close down the EPA. She thinks oil drillers are heroes.

Let’s not get into the irony of Obama complaining about other people’s political views as extreme. Sure, Obama is caricaturising Angle’s positions, but it’s true that she’d like to see radical changes in US government. (Needless to say, for Obama and his ilk, bellowing for radical change on the campaign trail is a good thing only if you’re a figure of the Left.) And the French Cowboy can understand if a middle-of-the-road voter is not spontaneously enthusiastic about the idea to shut down a number of state departments, so I see why Obama likes to talk about that more than about Reid’s unattractive track record. But what on earth is wrong with saying that oil drillers are heroes?

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