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When Mama Grizzlies Attack

July 15, 2010

My, how times change. In 2008 Obama was revered as a political messiah. Now polls are showing that voters would like to replace him with anybody, anybody! Via Hotair:

With his approval numbers hitting new lows it’s no surprise that Barack Obama’s numbers in our monthly look ahead to the 2012 Presidential race are their worst ever this month. He trails Mitt Romney 46-43, Mike Huckabee 47-45, Newt Gingrich 46-45, and is even tied with Sarah Palin at 46. The only person tested he leads is Jan Brewer, who doesn’t have particularly high name recognition on the national level at this point.

It’s not that any of the Republican candidates are particularly well liked. Only Huckabee has positive favorability numbers at 37/28. Romney’s at 32/33, Gingrich at 32/42, Palin at 37/52, and Brewer at 17/20. But with a majority of Americans now disapproving of Obama it’s no surprise that a large chunk of them would replace him as President if they had that choice today.

This reminds me: I know it’s very early in the game, but I think a presidential run for Palin in 2012 makes a lot of sense. The momentum is there. Even if she doesn’t win that election it would likely help her. She would keep herself in the spotlight and gain experience with the entire nation as eye witnesses. (Not that experience is what she’s lacking or even that it’s required to get elected as president, as Obama proves. But I think Palin’s enemies have been successful in singling her out as not ready for showtime.) She could run again and with higher chances of winning.

Generally, another political office in which she can prove her abilities, now that she has nationwide attention, would be good for her. Without it, winning a presidential election would be hard. If she were the mainstream media’s darling and if the elite swooned over her like it was the case for Obama, Palin wouldn’t have to do anything but keep up her great PR. But it’s an unjust world and so the French Cowboy considers a 2012 presidential run as a very steep hill for her. Even so, again, she should go for it. The worst that could happen is that she loses while gaining better chances of winning in 2016. Until then she could be VP.

If you take a look at how Palin’s PAC has developed, it seems that she is gearing up for a 2012 run. But Mme Palin’s hard to predict and the French Cowboy wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to take on (or keep) the role of kingmaker instead of running herself. In any case, Sarah Palin’s a strong political force, and with Obama continuing his tin-eared policies she’s growing in importance.

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  1. LukeJohn permalink
    July 16, 2010 16:50

    One thing that someone on “HotAir” pointed out is that it is amazing that Obama Has never stopped being in “campaign mode”, has huge PR opportunities every day by virtue of the office he holds, has had all the fanatical support from the left and the full, unquestioning, hero-worshiping backing of the MSM while Sarah Palin has been dumped on, ridiculed, attached at every opportunity (sounds like a panic reaction from the left if you ask me) yet in the PPP poll they are neck-and-neck. – Just imagine if she went into campaign mode.

    However, I’d like to see Ms Palin run for congress. Find her a reasonably safe, conservative district. It would divert the media and rabid left from other candidates in marginal races.

    Then when she wins and Republicans take over the House, make her Speaker.

    1. It would be better that any 4th of July fireworks to sit back and watch queen Pelosi and her court of jesters implode.
    2. It would give Sarah a great position from which to make a presidential bid in a few years.
    3. As Speaker she’d be damn good for this country.

    • frenchcowboy permalink*
      July 16, 2010 17:07

      Couldn’t agree more about the interpretation of the poll results. And I like the ring of “Speaker Palin”.


  1. PPP Poll: 2012 Obama 46 Palin 46

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