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America Eres Tu

July 18, 2010

Remember Tito the Builder?

Tito Munoz, a naturalized American citizen who owns a construction business in Northern Virginia, gained prominence in the waning days of John McCain’s 2008 campaign as the second–and arguably more charismatic–coming of “Joe the Plumber.”

He was overheard facing off with reporters at an October rally about their treatment of Joe Wurzelbacher. “I am Joe the Plumber!” Munoz said, crystallizing the McCain-Palin message and securing his spot in the campaign firmament as “Tito the Builder.” He later appeared on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes in his trademark shades, which he wore “to intimidate Colmes,” he said.

He also introduced Sarah Palin on one of her campaign stops during the 08 presidential campaign.

Now Tito has started his own radio show, addressing Hispanics from a conservative angle:

On a recent Saturday morning, Muñoz has exchanged his boots and tool belt for a pressed shirt and slacks. He squeezes behind a microphone in a small radio studio in Laurel. He clears space on the table for a pile of books and essays, including “The Constitutional Thoughts of Thomas Jefferson,” “César Chávez Against Illegals,” “Hispanics in American Wars” and Spanish translations of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.


“Bienvenidos a ‘America Eres Tu,’ ” he says, welcome to “America Is You.” “We Latinos are the largest minority in the United States. We must take our place in history and preserve the vision of the Founding Fathers of this nation.”


The first edition of “America Eres Tu” is filled with admonitions to go to college, take part in the political process. Muñoz speaks passionately in Spanish about the importance of learning English to get ahead. His first guest is a family therapist from Honduras named Luis Padilla, who tells his uplifting story of learning English, going to college and volunteering on political campaigns.

“You just need the will, the desire and the guts!” Muñoz says.

People start calling in, including some in other states listening over the Internet. The phone number is posted on Muñoz’s Facebook page. (He has 3,500 Facebook friends.) When Modesto of Maryland starts complaining about the “barriers” that Latinos face in an increasingly anti-immigrant atmosphere, Muñoz politely shuts him down.

“I disagree that people are trying to take away your dream,” he says. “The dream is yours. You make the dream. You follow it. You achieve it.”

The French Cowboy thinks that Tito has a huge potential audience. He also has a lot of good stuff to say and he seems to have the right kind of guts to be successful with his show. Tito Muñoz could become the Spanish language Rush Limbaugh.

Read the entire Washington Post story.

H/T Daniel Halper

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