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Bad Policies Come before the Fall

August 28, 2010

Why does the French Cowboy think that the current mood in the White House must have been better? Where to begin…

First of all, the outlook for Democrats in the November elections ranges from bad to very, very bad. Some say there’s an “anti-incumbent” mood. I say it’s an anti-incumbent mood in so far as the endangered incumbents have been either for, or not effectively against, the agenda of the incumbent of the White House. And considering that Democrats are occupying the White House and have strong majorities in the House and Senate, the distinction between anti-incumbent and anti-Democrat is really artificial.

Also, Obama’s attempt to vote “present” on the Ground Zero mosque controversy lost him a lot of good will. It seems that, while up to now voters only disliked his policies but kind of kept sympathy for the man, they now begin to find Obama himself a rather unappealing figure.

The oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill was one of the catastrophes that can’t be blamed on Obama (though it’s yet unclear to which extent government institutions are responsible for it). While such events tend to put downward pressure on the guy who happens to be president at that time irrespective of who he is, they’re also an opportunity to win brownie points for the right reaction. Obama missed that one. In fact, more Louisianans say that Bush did a better job after Katrina than Obama did after the oil rig explosion. Whether this result is a product of biased perceptions of past events isn’t important. What counts is that this is how voters see things now.

Adding to the list of bad news is something entirely different. You might remember that Obama signed an executive order to publicly finance stem cell research that kills embryos. It was one of the things Obama did right after his election as a message to everybody that the new boss was in — or, more precisely, that the Anti-Bush was in. Now a US District Judge has ruled that this funding is illegal. Turns out there’s a law that says: “research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death” musn’t be financed with federal money. Hm. Makes you wonder which part of this sentence Obama didn’t understand.

Then there is the fact that ObamaCare is just as unpopular — if not more so — than it was before its enactment. There’s a serious chance that it’ll get repealed. And this would most likely be the biggest possible blow for Obama who made ObamaCare his signature law and who sometimes seems to have run for office for no other purpose than establishing some sort of socialised health care monstrosity like it.

Furthermore, we have Gitmo. Lucky for Obama, with Bush being ex-president, nobody seems to care for “the world’s worst prison” anymore. Yet more than six months after his January 2010 deadline for closing the facility have passed, the prison is still alive and well, with jihadis still getting yummy food, DVDs, and access to exercise machines, but nary a sign of the place to be shut down anytime soon. Talk about a symbol for empty promises, rookie foolhardiness, and incompetence. Kind of like the stem cell thing.

And finally, there’s the economy. During a young recession, Obama has created a strong anti-business atmosphere and routinely made backroom deals with big industries and unions. He gathered up a — truly — historical amount of public debt and wrote into law what is probably the biggest money-burning bill of all times, the so-called American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Presumably not entirely unrelated to this, the US is suffering from unemployment rates of French proportions. If everything else was hunky dory, Obama would still be in deep waters because of this.

You could argue that with ObamaCare signed into law, Obama has no need to be particularly interested in how popular he is or even who occupies Congress. He’s done what he’s come to do, the rest is a bonus. But Obama is going to have a hard time with stronger opposition, even if he has no major policy plans for the remainder of his term and that is bad news no matter what. Besides, if Obama were popular and Democrats were strong these days, it would certainly be considered good news for Obama. So the reverse cannot be regarded as irrelevant.

Furthermore, consider that ObamaCare may well go the way of the dodo. In that case, Obama would have nothing positive left from his presidency. Not a big (albeit unpopular, and economically and socially catastrophic) health law, not a booming economy, and not even popularity. Nobody will nostalgically look back to the Obama days. He won’t be remembered as the guy who gave a speech in front of fake Greek columns surrounded by a sea of adoring crowds, but as the one who screwed up everything, big and small, that he laid hands on.

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  1. Al Dente permalink
    August 28, 2010 20:41

    Obama’s Newest Czar Say”Don’t Worry, Get Drunk” – SHOCKING story is at:

    Peace! 🙂

  2. frenchcowboy permalink*
    August 28, 2010 20:48

    Department of Homeland Insecurity — that’s sounds right, ha!

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