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It’s RINO Season

September 15, 2010

Actually, the French Cowboy is glad to see that Christine O’Donnell has won the GOP primary in Delaware. Sure, I’m not entirely convinced about her personal qualities, but that is more due to lack of explanations than to known facts. I like it that she’s won because it shows how voters (and most of all conservatives) mean business. They’re fed up with wishy-washy Republicans who’ve lost touch with those whom they’re supposed to represent and they really, really want to get back to conservative principles.

Conservative Washington insiders have said that it’s unwise to nominate O’Donnell because of her slim chances of winning in the general election, and that going with the rather moderate, but still bearable, incumbent instead will ensure the seat for the GOP. (The French Cowboy wasn’t a fan of O’Donnell for other reasons.) What did voters do? They gave O’Donnell an overwhelming victory. If that doesn’t spell “Mad as hell!” then nothing does.

Even if the Delaware Senate seat gets lost to the Democrat, the message this primary has sent is loud and clear: It’s RINO season, and the RINOs have no place to hide.

The French Cowboy is more optimistic about a possible win in the general election for Mme O’Donnell than most (all?) of the professional politicos, by the way. If this is not the year in which an election can be won on a truly conservative platform in Delaware, then no year is. The tea party backing, voter enthusiasm, endorsements from Palin and DeMint, and — last but not least — the terrible tone-deafness of the Obama Democrats were enough to boost O’Donnell over the primary’s finishing line, it may well be enough to get her into the Senate as well.

The thing that grates me, though, is that some O’Donnell supporters are obviously mad at all conservatives who suggested that voting for Castle might have been the smarter choice. Everyone who did so is now lumped in with the smug beltway elitists who only say they’re conservatives, but actually aren’t. Jonah Goldberg is now like Kathleen Parker, Charles Krauthammer like Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol like David Frum (and the French Cowboy simply an idiot). Oh, come on, people, you know better than that.

There were two good reasons to have been reluctant towards an O’Donnell endorsement: 1) She is very likely to lose the general, while Castle would be a sure winner, and 2) Her good politics aside, she at least appears to have many flaws you don’t want a Senator to have (very murky financial background, history of false statements). We all know that if O’Donnell were a Marco Rubio or a Joe Miller there would’ve been no such contentions between the editorial pages of conservative magazines and HotAir comments.

But at the end of the day, this is what primaries are for. Voters have spoken: they want the real conservative and don’t give a hoot about what the party establishment or the paid political commentators say. And that’s a good thing.

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