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Pick on Someone With Your Approval Ratings, Obama

October 9, 2010

Word is that Obama and Biden are going to campaign in Delaware in a desperate attempt to help the dangerously positioned Coons to win against his shoo-in opponent O’Donnell look not entirely counter-productive during this election season. With all the hotly contested Democratic seats likely to go to Republicans on November 2nd, the Delaware Senate race is the one where Obama thinks he should be stepping in. Interesting. The idea must be that, with Coons leading O’Donnell by double digits in the polls, even Obama can’t scare enough voters away from the Democrats to lose this one.

Another — maybe more important — objective of the President’s decision to so fearlessly jump into the Delaware fray must be to draw (even more) national attention to a Tea Party candidate who has been ridiculed and smeared by the media to the point where it’s almost irrelevant what that woman says, most voters have already categorised her as inelectable. “Look!”, Obama will say while pointing his finger at Madame O’Donnell, “This is your Tea Party! Uneducated, financially inept, stuck in the stone-age on social issues! You really want those folks to run this nation?”

Ah, what a sweet triumph it will be for Obama when Coons wins the Senate seat and only because he (Obama) has joined him on the campaing trail to punch (figure of speech only!) the weakest — by far — of all Republican contenders. Clearly, when O’Donnell loses to Coons Obama will wake up to the intense smell of victory on the 3rd of November — never mind if the House and Senate majority are gone, never mind if dear Harry will be replaced by Sharron Angle, or Ma’am Senator Boxer by Carly Fiorina. You have to fight for what’s really important to you and that is America ridiculing the Tea Party! And Sarah Palin.

If Obama can’t sell his policies to the public then all that’s left to do is try to paint his opponents as being even more lunatic than he is. And how to do that better than to inject himself into the Delaware race, where he can juxtapose himself and his useful idiot VP with Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin? The latter two have already been bashed by the mainstream media and the crazy left (huge overlaps, I know) in a fashion that leaves Obama and Biden to do little more than hint at some minor or invented flaw of those two women in order to trigger a landslide of negative associations. The dirty work of piling up those associations has already been done for them.

But this strategy of going after the weakest may well backfire. It’s akin to the White House’s attacks against House Minority Leader John Boehner, Rush Limbaugh, and the Fox News channel, as well as the comparisons that have been made between presidential candidate Obama’s accomplishments (?) and those of VP candidate Sarah Palin. Aiming at such comparatively “small” targets betrays strong insecurity. And in the case of Christine O’Donnell, one has to wonder whether Obama doesn’t look like a guy who enjoys kicking a man (woman!) when he’s down. Sure, midterm elections are important for a president, but considering the things that Obama has on his table right now, stumping on the campaign trail in Delaware should be way down on the priority list.

On the other hand, Obama might be aware of his campaigning for a candidate to more likely jeopardise a win than anything else. So maybe he just wants to create a little more suspense in the Delaware race and hopes to turn it into a toss-up. Maybe he likes Christine O’Donnell and wants to give her a better chance at winning. Okay, the French Cowboy admits that he’s stumbled into absurdity territory here.

One last thing about the Delaware race: It looks unlikely that Mme O’Donnell wins, all right. Some — many, even — Republicans have reservations about her and even the French Cowboy has expressed doubts about her qualities — especially in the light of the desire to “restore honour” also in politics. But O’Donnell has won the primary. She’s clear on her policies. And she’s even likable. Her rumored bad decisions with campaign money and whatnot are nothing in comparison to what every once in a while gets revealed to be common practice in the Senate. So I find it disheartening to see that many (all?) of the conservative media people who have been critical of O’Donnell during the primary are still ridiculing her now.

It’s one thing to be critical of her policies or — more likely — of her past deeds. But what’s the sense in publicly smirking about her ad campaign, for instance? Sure, we have a free press, and the French Cowboy is glad that there is (obviously) no conservative equivalent of the Journolist. But it makes me wonder whether O’Donnell supporters weren’t right in saying that the conservative media opposed her out of an arrogant sense of superiority rather than for policy reasons. The argument by O’Donnell opponents was that nominating her will mean losing a virtually secure Republican seat. But now that she’s won the nomination, those opponents seem not to care that their deriding her further on is making it even harder for her to prevent what they allegedly don’t want to take place.

As it happens, the French Cowboy sees vulnerabilities in the O’Donnell ads. But considering her position, the ads are taking a reasonable risk that may result in large gain. Why work against that if you want ObamaCare repealed?

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