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Alive and Kicking

October 13, 2010

In November 2008, who would have predicted that the political climate two years later would be such that Democrats run ads like these?

OK, I’m done posting Democrats’ ads here — lest that actually wins them votes! But it’s an enjoyable moment in politics. Remember how politicos typed up columns and waffled on TV shows about how the ’08 election was the death of the GOP? How Republicans had no leader and needed to do a lot of soul-searching to figure out what to do in order to stay relevant? How the GOP had to expand the tent and such? Two years later we have Democrats hoping they can pass as Republicans and a president who’s serving the GOP an agenda on a silver plate: Despite all the complaints about the “Party of No” a lot of voters were drawn by Republicans simply saying “No” to Obama’s agenda.

But Republicans have gone much further than that and have not only found their voice back on founding times’ principles, but also have come up with serious policies that they’re presenting as alternatives to Obama’s.  Additionally, the Tea Party movement has shored up enthusiasm and a slew of fresh candidates that are challenging Democrats in record numbers. That party that’s been called dead, leaderless and regional is back in pretty good shape.

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