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Potato, Potahto — Let’s Ban Them All

October 22, 2010

Food Nazi alert (via Hot Air):

[T]the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, recommended that the U.S. Department of Agriculture stop participants of the federal Women, Infants and Children program, known as WIC, from buying potatoes with federal dollars. The institute also called for the USDA-backed school lunch program to limit use of potatoes.

Under an interim rule, the USDA agreed to bar WIC participants from buying potatoes with their federal dollars. Potatoes are the only vegetable not allowed. Next year, the agency will roll out a final rule on the WIC program, which last year served 9.3 million children and pregnant and breast-feeding women considered at risk for malnutrition.

The WIC program is a supplemental food program, and the determination was made that consumption of white potatoes was already adequate, said Christine Stencel, spokeswoman for the Institute of Medicine.

“The recommendation was made to encourage consumption of other fruits and vegetables,” she said.

Potatoes? Les pommes de terre? One of the most basic ingredients of everyday nutrition? Words fail me to describe how flabbergasted I am over those people not realising that their abstract thinking has lead them into the land of absurdity! What the heck do they nourish themselves with? Do they think two leaves of arugula on papaya mush gets a normal person through the day?

This is an absurd decision and I don’t care whether it’s going to noticably influence the WIC participants’ buying decisions or not. “Ah”, you say, “but this is just a subsidy that can be designed in any way the government wants to because if people aren’t happy with it they can simply opt out entirely. Participants have no ‘right’ to subsidised potatoes.” That’s not the point here. The point is how revealing it is of what happens when the “experts” are given the power to directly or indirectly meddle with other people’s private life choices.

The point is that, if they had the power, the “experts” would ration potato consumption for everyone. Because you’ve had enough potatoes, you see. And if you want to buy potatoes that must mean that you are going to deep-fry them and stuff them into bacon-wrapped doughnuts and possibly sprinkle arsenic on top and give them to your children. Potatoes aren’t good for you, and smarter people than you who only want you to be healthy and happy will make you stop eating them.

“The recommendation was made to encourage consumption of other fruits and vegetables.” Really? Because if you don’t have potatoes you serve your fish with sliced banana instead? And that would be better? C’est idiot!

Next up: the ban of rice (low nutritious value), pasta (too much carb), and bread (ask someone with coeliac disease how easily that can be avoided — especially when there are no potatoes around). May your digestive system have much fun with fruits and raw veggies. Oh, and good luck balancing that checkbook of yours as calories are getting ever more expensive.

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