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You Really Can’t Trust the Dems with Your Vote

October 28, 2010

How subtle:

Last week, it came to light that voters in southeastern Pennsylvania’s 8th district were receiving notices warning that their right to vote could be in jeopardy if they did not return an absentee ballot to the “Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office,” a fictitious agency headquartered at a post office box. The letters, shown below, were underwritten by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee.

“By failing to return the enclosed [absentee ballot],” warned the notice, “you may be placing your ability to participate in this year’s general election at risk.” The mailer contained a postage-paid envelope instructing voters to return their ballots to a post office box controlled by the Democratic Party.

That post office box, Battle ‘10 has learned, was controlled at least in part by Tim Persico, the campaign manager for Rep. Patrick Murphy. Persico was apparently listed as one of two authorized to access the post office box listed in the mailers.

Curiously, as the story goes on to report, last week found a sudden spike in Democratic absentee ballots by 67% compared to the Republicans’. Also, at least 600 absentee ballots have been rejected for errors like mismatching signatures or false birth dates.

As the vice chairman of the local Republican Party wonders: “Why do the [Democrats] pre-screen them? If they really wanted to help the voter, why don’t they just put the return address of the courthouse [and] let the ballot go there? Why do they have to get in the middle and check it out?”

That’s probably because offering a service in which the Democratic Party goes right ahead and fills out the ballot forms for the voters’ convenience itself would be just a tad too obvious.

Liberals have a history of spitting in the face of democracy and the rule of law. While complaining that Republicans are power-hungry people eaters, they fill out ballots for illegal aliens and dead people. (Make no mistake, though, illegal aliens won’t vote for you, Sharron Angle!) It shows how, in a liberal’s worldview,  individual liberty and responsibility are bad things. As far as liberals are concerned, the world would be much better off if the US was more like China, with a despotic one-party rule — then at least we could save the planet from the evil that is free and prosperous humankind. And because too many Americans are just too stupid to see that, liberals have to steal elections.

Having said that, it’s well possible that this particular case of voter fraud is just the result of criminal and unscrupulous behaviour by an opportunistic incumbent who’s gotten too accustomed to the comfortable life as a senator.

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