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The Red Herring

November 10, 2010

Kevin Williamson says everything the French Cowboy could say about the Obama administration’s obsession with China’s currency policy and then some. On passing Williamson explains why the popular notion that the US manufacturing sector is being poached by low-wage villains abroad is distorting facts beyond recognition.

It always seemed to the French Cowboy that Obama is using the “China is attacking our economy with their undervalued renminbi” meme as an ersatz declaration of war. Rather than focussing his foreign policy on the real problem with China (naval aggression or the little thing called human rights come to mind) or on real enemies (the blood-shedding type), Obama prefers directing his barrels at a fictitious trade problem. This way he can give the appearance of being tough on China and standing up for US interests, but he’s really barking up the wrong tree and he probably knows. (Oh boy, I think I just talked about Obama like about a dog.)

Read Williamson’s entire piece, it’s worth the time.

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