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The Trumped-up Birth Certificate

April 27, 2011

Ah, behold the power of the Trump! After three years of resistance, Obama has finally published his long-form birth certificate. And what is different today from any other point in time before today at which Obama decided against the publication? Presumably the pressure has not been high enough until powerful Donald Trump had entered the stage and kept on harping on the lack of ultimate proof against the Birther Theory.

Will the Birthers now be silenced by this piece of evidence? Certainement pas! I think not. After all, the Birther faction is composed almost by definition of people who doubt the verity of anything said by Obama. A piece of easily forged paper handed in three years after due date is not going to convince anyone who questioned the legitimacy of this presidency ever since its beginning. The French Cowboy wouldn’t be convinced either.

This whole Birther business is easily ridiculed. But the doubts people have or had regarding Obama’s actual birth place are not nearly as ludicrous — or sinister — as the theories spun by the 9/11 Truthers. Besides, it’s very interesting to note that polls showed that among those who weren’t sure Obama was actually born on US territory, many didn’t seem to care all that much about it and even approved of his presidency.

Obama giving in so belatedly on the subject suggests a certain arrogance towards the public, at least towards those whom he considers to be ideologically far from himself. What would have been the big deal of satisfying to his best and reasonable ability the demands of those who are deeply suspicious of him? Rather than presenting the coveted piece of paper, Obama decided to deride the doubts people had about him. That he has made his birth certificate public now rather than sooner shows that he finds it an opportune time for himself — it has nothing to do with the wish to answer a (the French Cowboy would argue) legitimate demand, but everything with Obama doing what he can to save his political skin.

Obama’s thoughts must have been something like: “Let this bunch of yahoos who go ape about my birth place continue to doubt the legitimacy of my presidency — after all, I didn’t become President for them. But when it begins to threaten my chances of reelection then, all right, I will make public what I could have easily made public years ago.”

The demand itself — showing the birth certificate — is very simple and humble considering the importance of what depends on the facts behind it, i.e. the very legitimacy of the presidency. Ironically, must have been, in part, the weight of the issue that made people find the idea preposterous. Had Obama been elected King of the Book Club and would he have needed to be a natural born citizen for that, then probably the demand of a full-length birth certificate would have been met with obliging compliance rather than derision. Then again, Obama has this attitude of arrogance covering incompetence, he may have reacted haughtily even at the Book Club.

All in all, the French Cowboy believes that the dignified thing to do would have been to deliver the birth certificate when the demand for it had been voiced clearly from a substantive portion of the public, not to resist the calls coming from serious Americans, no matter how easily ridiculed.

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