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Mug Shot

July 9, 2011

Apparently, DNC chairwoman* Debbie Wasserman Schultz (is it just me or does that name sound very “Democrat”?) is selling coffee mugs with Obama’s birth certificate printed on them for fundraising.

Tina Korbe who gives us the heads-up in the above-linked story doesn’t seem to appreciate the idea. The French Cowboy thinks it’s rather amusing. Obama and the Democrats in league with him haven’t come out of the whole birth-certificate story in a way that speaks so well for them that it’s fundraising material. Of course the idea behind Wasserman Schultz’s effort is that every potential donor will focus on the “oh, those silly Birthers” part of the story, and for her target group that will work. Yet you could imagine a Republican candidate selling birth-certificate mugs just as well, only that, in that context, it would serve as a reminder of the current administration’s incompetence and arrogance.

Such a mug on the French Cowboy’s coffee table would be a symbol of the importance of the 2012 presidential election. Even if you like President Obama as a person (and there are many who do), his politics, with very few exceptions, range from the indefensible to the absurd. Indefensible because evidence proves them wrong (think jobless numbers, public debt and deficits etc), and absurd because logic proves them wrong (tax hikes on an ever shrinking tax base won’t solve a public revenue problem and subsidising health care won’t make it cheaper).

Maybe the actual problem with Mme Wasserman Schultz’s fundraising idea isn’t the print, but the mug. Who still has use for a coffee mug? The French Cowboy, for one, already places the uglier mugs at tables’ edges on purpose hoping that they might fall and break so that the mugs-to-pantry ratio is reduced.

Here’s a free-of-charge idea for you, Mme Wasserman Schultz: instead of coffee mugs, offer shooting targets with the birth certificate printed on them. You might win the NRA vote with that.

* Is it OK to say “chairwoman” as opposed to “chairman” when we speak of a woman? The French Cowboy prefers that expression because it’s more accurate. It would be sad if for the sake of fighting silly political correctness, we’d have to give up on factual correctness. But I’m open for arguments (as long as it isn’t that, in that case, I would also have to call her “Debbie Wasserwoman Schultz”).

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