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Don’t Mess with Texas

August 21, 2011

Wow, this is so pathetic.

I listened to NPR yesterday and learned that Gov. Perry was vulnerable because of his views on evolution and global warming. Also, according to the report, Perry expounded his views on the subject to “a young man” in New Hampshire. What the good people at NPR forgot to mention was — as can be seen in the above linked video — that said “young man” was about 9 years old and received his cues by (presumably) his mother who was hiding behind her son while feeding him the lines he was supposed to ask Perry.

“Ask him about evolution”, you can hear her say into her son’s ear, and “Ask him why he doesn’t believe in science.” Clearly hearing the woman’s prompting, Perry was polite enough to answer the first question even though the “young man” failed to repeat what everybody had heard his mother say anyway, and smart enough to ignore the second question regarding science, as that one, too, was not passed on by the boy (to whom I wish he may forgive his mother while continuing to do his own thinking).

Ed Morrissey’s comment points out the cowardliness of that woman in pushing her son to ask questions she apparently doesn’t have the guts to ask herself. The French Cowboy thinks that behind the decision to abuse her son for this stunt probably (also) lies the wish to create a gotcha You Tube moment with Rick Perry stammering over a question asked by a kid. (Maybe she was inspired by this cringe-inducing reaction to a kid’s question by a presidential candidate.) The video would go viral in the almighty Internet and ruin Perry’s presidential bid. It would be remembered as the watershed moment for America in the fight over its very soul, and her son would become the celebrated hero who has brought the apocalyptic monster that is the prospect of a Perry presidency to its downfall.

And then she made her mistake: she realised that when she makes it too credible that her son asked those powerful questions all on his own, then, indeed, it would be he who would become the national hero. But it was all her idea! Her brilliant plan and clockwork execution! So she must make this known in a subtle but unmistakingly clear way. Hence, she wanted the video to plainly show that she is the one cueing her son, so that people can see that behind the messenger stands a greater being: the creator of the message — she must be celebrated, not the boy who was only her tool of choice! With this decision she inadvertantly sabotaged her own plot because instead of focussing on Perry’s (perfectly fine) answer, Internauts are shaking their heads watching a woman misusing her son in the attempt to lay a trap for a presidential candidate.

Before closing, let me come back to the NPR report on Perry’s candidacy. The focus of the report was not on Perry’s view on science. Rather, it claimed that Perry was running on a platform that says “The rest of America should become more like Texas”. It was suggested that “more like Texas” means not economic growth and a good climate for businesses which also attracts private persons judging by the statistics, but a flood of minimum-wage-at-best jobs, an army of people with no shot at a decent education, a sore lack of healthcare and states which constantly threaten to secede from the Union.

There was a guy interviewed in the report who had written a book explaining how, just because California is basically dying and Texas is thriving, that doesn’t mean that the California model is bad and the Texas model is good.

The mainstream media is doing their best to turn the Texas success story into one of failure which — if applied on the rest of the nation — would lead to unspeakable misery and catastrophic damage of which we should be very, very afraid.

But there is one line which seems appropriate to repeat here — although it’s pratically guaranteed to trigger protests over the tone of political discourse etc  — and that is “Don’t mess with Texas!”

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